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Almost 40 years of complete dedication to design.


Behind the designer Branka Donassy there is a long and rich career, so she is deservedly recognized in a demanding international fashion market, and is particularly proud of the fact that her pieces are wearing one of the pop culture icons of the 20th century, discovered in the video which one!?

This cult brand features a unique, recognizable aesthetics of always exploratory approach, and every piece guarantees originality, quality, and impeccable design. The design is an analytical and sensory act for her because she works with respect for the human body and understanding the properties of materials during the creation of the collection. Also, her subtle aesthetics equally communicate experiences of visual and performing arts.


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Donassy ALBA midi dressoriginality and flawless designDonassy MIMMI small bagaward-winning bag for the best fashion and clothing designDonassy infiniti & embracenecklace and belt set