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Influencer Style Secrets

… with Ines Heli

Take a peek in the magic jewelry box of the #parisianstyle influencer Ines Heli and discover how to combine it in a decent way so that you look chic just like a real Parisian.


"When you leave your home, take a last look at the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry," one of the most famous styling tips of the great Coco Chanel, and the same fashion policy is held by Instagram influencer Ines Heli, in the virtual universe recognizable by its nonchalant and casual style , but also by this irresistible vibration of freedom that derives from the unencumbered with perfection, the attitude that Parisians make so appealing and so chic.

The attitude of "less is more" is her fashion credo, reluctant to exaggerate and excessively decorate, somewhat reminisces of the numerous famous Frenchwoman who look fantastic just in a plain white T-shirt and faded vintage jeans paired with leather ankle boots, with slightly disheveled hair and a pinch of red lipstick. It is this style that is a favorite of this stylish influencer, and the same attitude is made towards jewelry that she combines decently paying attention to the story that each piece carries.
Although Ines sometimes resorts to a combination of several pieces of jewelry, she combines them skillfully and comfortably combining a minimalist feel to compliment her personality and fit the overall style. Round golden earrings, rings that she layers together, making sure that they complement each other and vintage necklaces that carry special stories our favorite pieces in her jewelry box in which we were invited to take a peek. In the rich collection of this young influencer stand out pieces signed by Mirta jewelry, a gold ring with black diamonds, silver earring with a smoky quartz pendant and an irresistible ring that is worn on two fingers that looks as if it's "floating". After a detailed review of this wonderful jewelry collection from a young influencer, it is quite clear why she loves simplicity, decentness, and minimalism so much. Every piece of jewelry will thus stand out and shine in all its glory, just as it deserves.


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