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It's no news that our clothing says a lot about us...


What we wear can exude our ambitions, emotions, and spending habits. But it is about what our clothes say to us, not about us that should interest us.


A seemingly normal day in the life of one stylish girl. Ines wakes up in her nightgown, she pours herself a cup of coffee in her effortless easy to wear loungewear and she eats her breakfast soaking up the first rays of the morning sun. Trying out what dress best matches an early spring day, clear blue sky and her sun-kissed skin. A flowy linen dress that accentuates her tiny waist, highlights her long arms and accents her sill pale winter complexion, or a short velvet dress with long sleeves, romantic cuffs and a collar that will warm her up in the still cold evening. She selects from her jewelry collection a minimalist polished silver ring that will reflect the sun's rays and show off its accentuated lines and highlight her hands. Taking her few essentials or lifesavers to get through the busy day and her statement bag, putting on a trench coat and leaves her uptown apartment. An everyday story of a busy woman? Seemingly, but not completely.


For instance, those lovely pajamas she woke up in, were handmade pieces that were made-to-order just for her. Every cut & stitch was made by the hands of the ASTERIA mother and daughter design team, who spend hours searching for the most comfortable natural materials that she could spend her nights in.

The handwork stands in contrast to the fast fashion industry of today, and she can feel that and recognize that someone, not something made her favorite nightgown.

Designer Veronika and her mom are passionate about their vision and aesthetic, but more than that, they are focused on creating a sleepwear brand in which women like Ines feel their most confident selves. 





The blue dress that she played dress up in was not made by the machine or an unknown person in a factory but was made in-house, sewn by hand by the Up-and-Coming designer behind FASADA brand.

Her mission while designing each piece is to make women feel comfortable and feminine in what they wear, to make them stand out and that the clothing reflects their personality.

She cares about women who she designs for and she puts them before the design itself. That's why this dress fits perfectly. She knows that the designer cared about how she would feel in it.

Finally, Ines chose Paul & Joe black velvet dress from Bon Ton store & gallery for this day because it cultivated freshness, joie de vivre and it reflected the spontaneity of the moment, vibrancy of the sunny spring day. That day reincarnated in that dress. The story of Sophie.

It was in the 1980s that Sophie's parents founded their garage brand, and now she launched her own brand named after her two sons. She broke the code of the moment and she made clothing feel young, fun, vibrant just like Ines feels while wearing it.


Minimalistic feel of the MIRTA jewelry she chose reflects her sense of style and the love of subtleness. Very simple but special jewelry in which the designer invested a lot of effort and thought. All the pieces are made by hand, and the design is definitively not ordinary. 

Purity as a way of thinking stands in common with the designers vision and Ines way of life, and this is the perfect example where the personality of the designer is „engraved“ in the design itself, and the case is that trough the pieces Ines wears she connects with the person who made it.

ZOZOLI Trench Coat that she put on and left her apartment, was inspired by a strong woman who doesn't fear to be different, who likes classics but with a twist.

The designer presents her vision of clean and tailored silhouettes crafted from natural materials, and while designing she envisioned a woman like Ines who would be strong and self-confident in carrying her creations. Her designs were not just a piece of clothing, they are a vision that came to life, and that vision was also a vision of other person expressions. 

It's obvious that fashion is a way of life, everyday life of the person that carries it. An expression, a vision, livelihood and a personality of the person that creates it.

Most think that we wear clothing just so we are not naked, but in a sense, we are always naked, naked to the people around us that see us through what we wear and "who" we wear.

So be authentic! Tell a story through your clothing, tell a story to yourself, especially when you know who made it.