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White magic: amazing pieces we love

Why is white just perfect for winter?

No, white color is not only reserved for hot summer days. Discover how you can easily make it your favorite style ally during long and cold winter.

Instead of that, we defy the cold and gray with bright and light shades, almost all of us hide behind the dark, no striking colors during winter days waiting for the first spring sun to come out and to wear our favorite white dress. Well, it is winter that we associate with the pristine white snow, which we always so eagerly wish for the holidays, and it's the perfect time to cover in a clean, gentle and so dreamy whiteness.

Indeed, there is no simpler and more elegant way to create a fantastic fresh and striking winter look than to wear white from head to toe. With pure white as your style ally, you can create irresistibly beautiful stylings for different winter occasions, from the infinitely elegant evening editions in which the main role plays your favorite white dress, over an unusually-cut shirts or tunics ideal for business occasions or soft oversized sweater almost if it was designed for socializing with friends or long winter walks in the city.




If you are not a believer in an all-white styling, a white piece of clothing from your wardrobe can be very easily combined with any other shade, from a classic black and white combination that plays it safe and "always nail it", to, for example, pairing it with pastel shades to create a gentle, but fresh look, all the way to eternal denim that simply adores white. Therefore, this winter, make a stylish turn and add a little white and light to the streets. Summer is still far away, but winter also loves white!




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