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Love for film woven into clothing.


Classic elegance with a charming note of some past fashion eras, but also contemporary, sometimes futuristic twist characteristic for the designer Zozoli brand, behind which stands a fashion and costume designer Ivana Zozoli Vargović.

Two decades of dedicated costume work, during which she not only dressed film heroes and characters from famous TV series, but she gave them style, also reflected in the aesthetic signature of Zozoli fashion brand. That is why the love for stories from the movie canvas is depicted in every seam of this young fashion brand. But in spite of the inspiration that a designer draws from film art, her design is primarily framed by wearable pieces, elegance and femininity that never goes out of fashion. Flaunting the principles of slow fashion, Ivana in her brand Zozoli, from collection to collection tries to draw simplicity, comfort and quality using mostly natural materials, and makes her clothing pieces timeless, not cautious of the bizarre trends that come and go. Zozoli will therefore worship all lovers of classics as well as all those who recognize the value of the pieces adaptable to different circumstances and style, and will for years to come look as equally fantastic.