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1. Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You can shop at KLODIER without creating an account. It is enough just to sign in via your email address as a guest or via social networks and follow the order process. Our recommendation would be to register because the registration process is quick, and you will find it easier to place an order/s and get other special benefits.

2. I forgot my password. What should I do?

Simply follow the 'Forgot your password? Request a new one’ link on our Sign In page and enter your email address. You’ll then receive an email to reset your password.



1. How to browse & shop via KLODIER?

See more in 'How to Browse & Shop' section.

2. Item in my shopping bag is sold. Why did this happen?

Unfortunately, items placed in your shopping bag are not reserved until you have completed the order process. We aim to provide a fair opportunity to shop our most in-demand items to customers from physical stores or designer and through KLODIER platform which puts you in an equal position and as most items are often limited, as a result, placing an item in your shopping bag does not reserve it. Therefore, if you find the item/s you like, we recommend that you order it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of losing it.

3. Item is not available. When will it become available? 

Most of the items on KLODIER are unique or limited i.e. only made in limited quantities, and boutiques or designers do not often update their stock. Where it turns out that the item will be back in stock, we have provided an empty field for your email address so that we can let you know when it becomes available. To be notified if a sold-out item becomes available again, click on unavailable item’s page, on the right side of the product select the size you need (if there is more than one size), and then enter your email address.

4. Will my personal data stay safe while paying with a credit or debit card when ordering?

While conducting payments on our KLODIER platform you are using CorvusPay – an advanced system for secure acceptance of credit/debit cards on the Internet. CorvusPay ensures complete privacy of your credit card data from the moment you type them into the CorvusPay payment form. Data required for billing is forwarded encrypted from your web browser to the bank that issued your payment card. KLODIER never comes into contact with your sensitive payment card data. Similarly, CorvusPay operators cannot access your complete cardholder data. An isolated system core independently transmits and manages sensitive data while at the same time keeping it completely safe. For more information, see Online Payment Security Statement.

5. My credit/debit card was declined? What should I do?

Please check the following:

  • You have enabled card payments over the Internet;
  • Make sure you enter a good control number (CVV) and other data from the card;
  • Have you accepted the General Terms & Conditions by clicking the appropriate box while ordering;
  • If you tried to order through a mobile device, we suggest that you try to place an order on your computer or laptop.

If none of the above has helped, please contact us at or via Messenger so we can try to solve the problem together.

6. Can I cancel or make changes to my order and how?

Since your order will be quickly prepared for shipping by a boutique and/or a designer, contact us as soon as possible via phone + 385 97 7289 827, via email or via Messenger to cancel or make an order change. If you'd like to change your order, please note that we can not make a change for you, but you'll have to cancel the order first and then re-order the item you want. For more information about your Right to cancel an order, see the General Terms and Conditions.



1. Why is KLODIER pricing special?

At KLODIER you are shopping pieces from our Partners; designers and multi-brand boutiques from different cities. Prices are determined by each KLODIER Partner; boutique or designer, therefore the price of the same item may vary depending on your location and where you order an item from.

2. Which currencies can I shop in?

The currency that you shop with is automatically detected by the country you are shopping from. For Croatia, prices are displayed in Croatian Kuna (Kn), while for all other countries prices are displayed in euro (EUR) and your order will be charged in EUR for a competitive exchange rate.

3. Which payment methods do you accept?

See in the 'Payment methods & Shipping' section.



1. What is the delivery time?

See in the 'Payment methods & Shipping' section.

2. How much does shipping cost?

See in the 'Payment methods & Shipping' section.

3. Which destinations does KLODIER ship to?

In almost all countries; worldwide.

4. Where is my package?

You can check the status of the package on the web address of the delivery service chosen by KLODIER for your shipment. Enter the package number you received via email and check where your package is located.

5. I have ordered two or more items, why do you send them at different times and in separate boxes?

When you order on KLODIER you do not shop directly from KLODIER but from our Partners (boutiques and/or designers). If you order more than one item from one boutique or a designer we will deliver one or more packages, depending on the volume, but at the same time. If you order more then one item each from different boutique and/or a designer, several packages will be delivered and probably at different times because the items are shipped from different locations i.e. from each boutique or designer separately.

6. From where do you send my package?

The package is sent directly from our Partners (boutiques and designers), from their physical locations.

7. Will I need to pay duties and taxes for my shipping?

KLODIER ships to European Union destinations on a DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) basis. This means that all applicable taxes and duties are included in the final purchase price when you place your order and there are no additional costs due upon delivery. But if the delivery is selected to a destination outside of the EU countries the price you pay to KLODIER will exclude all relevant import duties and sales taxes. You must pay all applicable taxes and duties directly to our carrier to release your order from customs upon arrival. For more details, please contact your local customs office/respective tax authority.

8. What to do if I wasn't at home at the time of delivery?

In case of the unsuccessful (failed) delivery attempt;

  • for Croatia - the shipping agent will inform you by email of the following delivery options: alternative delivery address, delivery at another time, personal pick up at the delivery depot, cancellation of the shipment etc. We have provided 2 (two) delivery attempts,
  • for Europe, USA and the rest of the world - the shipping agent will leave a note with your options. 



1. How do I return an item?

You may request a refund of one or more products within 14 days of the date of delivery.

Once we receive your Form it will be forward to the boutique and/or designer.


  • Please keep in mind that you do not return the item to KLODIER address, yet to the address of the boutique or designer, from which you have ordered.
  • Keep in mind that you bear the costs of the return.
  • After the boutique and/or designer receives and checks the product in accordance with the KLODIER Return Policy, we will contact you.
  • You have to prove that your right for unilateral termination of the agreement, has to be fulfilled in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.
  • If your return is accepted, you will be refunded the funds in the manner in which the payment was made.
  • If your refund is not accepted, your item will be re-sent to your specified address, and you will bear the cost of re-sending it.

For more information, please contact us at

2. What to do if the item arrived damaged?

We kindly ask you to download:

Once we receive your Form and send it to the boutique and/or the designer, we will contact you for next steps. Complaints will be considered valid if the (condition) product review, and if necessary, additional Expert Evaluation, shows that complaint is consistent with the terms of the complaint in accordance with The Mandatory Relationship Act and the Consumer Protection Act. See more about Product Complaint.

3. Can I return an item that has been customized for me?

Due to the nature of the customized items, and the fact that they have been specially created for you, we will not be able to accept the return.



1. How long does the acceptance process take?

Approximately 7 business days.

2. What are the reasons that could lead to being rejected from the program?

We reserve the right to refuse any application that contains objectionable material including, but not limited to: violence, pornography, inappropriate language or content.

3. I operate with more digital sources, like: blog, Instagram, Youtube, Website etc., can I join with all of them?

Yes, of course.

4. What is the commission?

Commission rate is 7% on all approved global net sales (excludes shipping, taxes, customs, VAT, returns and cancellations)

5. How much can I earn?

There's no limit. It only depends on you.

6. What does the 30-day cookie window means?

It represents how long will be valid relation between visitor and Affiliate, after visitor clicked on affiliate link. If in defined time, more precisely 30 days, will visitor buy any item, Affiliate will get commision for such sale.