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About boutique/designer

Bon Ton Store & Gallery is a contemporary multi-brand boutique that combines the love for music, fashion, and art. It offers European brands with an attitude and soul that communicate their stories through their collections. The long-awaited initiation of the escape is in the laziness of the Croatian Adriatic in combination with the Berlin Underground and architecture. Bon Ton combines top-class young brands, rock'n'roll chic, urban elegance, self-confidence and the urge to express their own identity through fashion. Bon Ton is an eclectic urban boutique with a touch of modern classics and the avant-garde. 

Zagreb, Croatia

available only via KLODIER because of the store relocation

Maison Labiche, National Standard, BLK DNM,

Zoe Karssen, Gian Paolo e Marco, PB0110, Utzon,

Paul and Joe sister, Marine Hoermanseder, Clemmie Watson