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About boutique/designer

DIORALOP is a female duo, designer and architect, Andrej Bistričić and Maja Merlić. The main features of the brand are deconstruction, nostalgia and rebellion. Andreja and Maja are inspired by subcultures, street fashion, and emotional problems. The idea for the brand has come from polaroid images, caused by deliberate chemical spills and exposure to different temperatures. This technique if applied to clothing brings different colors and patterns, which are digitally printed in the UK using various luxurious fabrics. Andreja gained her practical knowledge at Alexander McQueen studio. Her skills with deconstruction are perfectly balanced with Majas vision of printing and textile manipulation. This cohesion results in completely different collections from season to season, through the constant use of obscure fabrics, proportions, and silhouettes.

- DIORALOP presents its collections in London and Paris during Fashion Week every season.

- ELLE CROATIA style award for the best young designer 2012.

- Open My Med prize 2017 by Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode


Zagreb, Croatia

DIORALOP pieces available only via KLODIER

Andreja Bistričić i Maja Merlić