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About boutique/designer

After 10 years of working behind the scenes of the fashion industry Unaesthetik was created as an answer to a copy-paste instant fashion as well as a personal meditation process. Unaesthetik as a brand speaks to an audience that cares little about fashion and cares more about expressing themselves through clothing, sending a message that the true beauty indeed is in imperfection. Each piece is first assembled out of knitwear to create a garment that is then hand deconstructed at its core, deconstructing one thread at a time. This time consuming process makes Unaesthetik pieces slow fashion at its finest, creating gender free, pieces of wearable art. Not caring for conventions, there is no „correct“ way to wear Unaesthetik. Front to back or inside out, it's just not relevant. Just as irrelevant is the season, as each garment can be worn by itself or layered multiple times creating a super soft silhouette. Due to the hand deconstructing of the knitwear no two pieces are the same, even when they start out as an identical garment. Your Unaesthetik piece will continue to develop over time, elongating, tearing and becoming more beautiful with every wear. As we do not believe in labels all of our garments are 100% label free, and whenever possible we hand embroider your initials on it and let’s face it, that’s way cooler anyway.

Zageb, Croatia

Unaesthetik pieces available only via KLODIER

Marko Plukavec