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CHARLIE design

About boutique/designer

Behind the fashion brand CHARLIE design, stands Loredana Bahorić. Loredana Bahorić is a rare designer who enjoys cult status in Croatia and her creations tirelessly defy all weather trendy storms. Distinctive design handwriting and absolute quality ranked her at the very top of the Croatian fashion scene. Her brand, CHARLIE design, has been in existence for over 30 years. Through the intriguing play of shapes and very interesting silhouettes, the designer creates small wearable works of art. The brand itself is characterized by minimalism, monochromatism, and the avant-garde. CHARLIE design brand has its own two boutiques, one in Zagreb, the other in Šibenik.

- winner of the Elle Style Award's 2017. for the Best Designer 

Vlaška street 47, Zagreb, Croatia

Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm, Sat 10am - 2pm

Loredana Bahorić