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About the brand

Donassy - exquisite craftsmanship, avant-garde form, purity of expression and thoughtful details.

About the product

INFINITY solid round rubber necklace with tubular plexiglass and a metal buckle. By pulling the ends of the necklace the size is regulated.
EMBRACE belt/necklace made of a hard round rubber. Can be worn as a belt or as a hanging necklace. By pulling the ends of the necklace through the opening the size is regulated.
Maintenance: wipe with a damp cloth
Material: rubber, plexiglass, metal
Color: black
Made in Croatia.

Dimensions of the INFINITY necklaces

length 51cm

Dimensions of the EMBRACE belt/necklace

whole length 124cm

Model measurements
height 175 cm,
Item code
O 1005, P 1017.
O 1005, P 1017
€ 73,00
VAT included
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