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General Terms and Conditions



In so far as the context does not require otherwise, the words and/or expressions in these General Terms will have the meanings assigned to them as below:

"General Terms": means this General Terms and Conditions;

"Product/Item": means the product of the Seller;

"Seller/Partner or Boutique/Designer": means the legal person and/or individual which is engaged in the production and/or the sale of Products and is advertising and selling its Products through the website;

"Customer/User": means legal person and/or individual (legally capable adult) who buys the Seller's Products;

"KLODIER": is a company KLODIER d.o.o. for services and trade, Rapska 46a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 00612378518 registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb under registration number MBS: 081123426, email:, tel: +385 1 8885 827, which is the owner of the website;

"Product sales agreement": means as well a distance agreement; an agreement concluded between the Customer and the Seller when KLODIER receives an electronic e-mail which contains a statement by Customer, as the offered person, on acceptance of the offer;

"Website“: means the web page;



This General Terms regulate the relations between the Customer, Seller, and KLODIER in relation to the conditions and procedure of purchase, purchase price, payment methods, termination of agreement and return of items, delivery and other questions in relation to use of the web platform on the website and online purchase.

These General Terms are applied only in case of purchase through, and not in a case, the Customer has contacted the Seller directly.

These General Terms are composed in accordance with the applicable regulations, which are in force in Croatia and in accordance with the information published on the website

KLODIER reserves the unrestricted right to change, supplement or replace these General Terms. Any modifications to these General Terms published on this website are immediately effective, and any User's further use of the content and services automatically imply acceptance of changes to the General Terms.

These General Terms are available in Croatian and English language.



All products found on the website are owned by the Seller, while KLODIER mediates in the conclusion of a sales agreement between the Seller and the Customer.

All prices are displayed appropriately, including VAT or not including VAT. If the Seller is part of the VAT system, the displayed price includes VAT. If the Seller is not part of the VAT system, the displayed price does not include VAT. The currency displayed is Croatian Kuna (HRK) or Euro (EUR). The price tagging process for each product on the website is subject to multiple levels of control; however, there is always a chance for mistakes since it is not an automated process. KLODIER holds the right to change all online shopping prices without notice to the Customer but in a prior agreement with the Seller. KLODIER is authorized at any time, in accordance with applicable regulations, to determine a clearance sale, daily or weekly sale for an individual product, for a group of products, and/or for all products.


3.1 Order Process

The Customer can order products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The products are ordered through an electronic form. If the Seller is not able to deliver the ordered product or any of the ordered products, KLODIER will contact the Customer by telephone or through e-mail, and let the Customer know of any changes. In that case, the order will be canceled or processed only for products which are available.

Once the User finds a product for purchase, he/she first needs to select the correct size of the product, if it is an option. A size guide for each product can be found next to the chosen product. Next, the User needs to click the “Add to bag” button. If the correct size of the product is already selected, then the user only needs to click the “Add to bag” button. The user can continue to search through the website and add more products to the cart, or he/she can continue with the purchase. If the User has ordered multiple products, and each from a different Seller, the User will receive the products individually, and it is possible that each will arrive at different times.

After adding all the selected products, the User chooses the option “Shopping bag” in the upper right-hand corner of the website. The User will then be able to review the complete order and view their order, add or remove items, modify their quantity, or complete the purchase. Once the User is satisfied with the final contents of the bag, he/she chooses “Go to checkout” to continue with the order process.

3.2 Registration

Once the User (Customer) has added the product(s) to the cart, he/she needs to register. Registration can be done as a registered user, as a guest, or through social media.

If the Customer does not wish to enter his/her delivery address and payment information during each purchase, easy registration is recommended. It is required to enter a valid e-mail address, personal information (first name, last name, address, postal code, city, telephone number), and a password with which to access the user account. The password can be an arbitrary string of characters. After the requested information has been entered, registration needs to be confirmed by clicking the “Registration” button. The created user account will be added to the registered user database and can be accessed by entering the username and password on the “Login” page. In case the Customer has forgotten the chosen password, on the same page he/she needs to click the “Forgot your password? Request a new one” button. The system will generate a link through which the Customer can reset his/her password and receive a new one. A password can later be changed in the user settings.

If the Customer would like to register through different means, he/she can do so through social media.

If the Customer does not want to be registered, registration is not required. It is only necessary when registering as a guest in the first step of the checkout process to enter a valid e-mail address and follow further instructions.

Note: The User can register in advance while visiting the homepage of, without prior purchase. To then login to the user account, User can choose the option “Log In” in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage, and then under the “Existing User” section enters his/her user credentials. Registration or user account is created for one individual and credentials are not to be shared with a third party. The User is required to safeguard their credentials. Use of another registration or user account is not allowed. KLODIER reserves the right to terminate or delete any passwords, or user accounts, in case of any User conduct that KLODIER under its own discretion judges unacceptable, and in any case of the User not complying with General Terms and Conditions. The User can at any time request from KLODIER to delete his/her user account.

3.3 Completing the Order

After the Customer completes the process of ordering and clicks the “Confirm & Order” button, he/she will receive an e-mail notification that confirms that the order has been received and is being processed. The notification represents the confirmation of the Customer’s order and does not represent the acceptance of the order from the side of the Seller. The purchase agreement between the Customer and the Seller in terms of the ordered products will not be made until KLODIER makes sure that the Seller accepts the order from the Customer. The Seller reserves the right to not accept the Customer’s order in case the ordered product is not in stock, that the product has been sold at the Seller’s physical location, that the product has been discontinued, and/or if the product is otherwise unavailable. If the Customer’s order has been accepted, KLODIER will send the Customer payment confirmation if the Customer paid with a credit or debit card or via PayPal, or it will send payment instructions if the Customer selected Bank transfer / Internet banking, and confirmation of shipment after it has left the Seller, by e-mail. 

The mentioned confirmation of shipment is proof of a completed purchase agreement between the Customer and the Seller. The e-mail confirmation of shipment will contain the description, the list, and the price of the ordered product(s). Only the products mentioned in the confirmation of shipment e-mail are included in the purchase agreement between the Customer and the Seller. After entering the purchase agreement with the Seller, the Seller will pack the product for the Customer and will hand it over to the delivery service who will deliver the product.

Note: If Customer ordered several items, each from a different boutique and/or designer, he/she must have in mind that some items are made to order and require different production time. 

Orders received on a weekday, Monday to Friday, after 5 p.m., are processed the next working day of the Seller unless otherwise stated. Orders received on Friday are processed the following Monday or the next working day of the Seller. Orders received over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, are also processed the following Monday or the next working day of the Seller. Orders received during holidays will be processed the next working day of the Seller.

3.4 The Right to Cancel an Order

Seller and Customer may use the right to terminate the purchase agreement (cancel an order) before the package has been shipped, with a refund of prior payment. If the Seller for any reason mentioned under point 3.3 of these General Terms and Conditions cannot deliver the product, KLODIER will inform the Customer of the unavailability of the product and cancel the order. If the Customer decides to terminate the purchase agreement (cancel an order) before the goods are sent for delivery, a refund will be performed in the same manner the payment was performed, except in case of paying by cash. If the Customer decides to cancel an order after it was sent for delivery, a refund will be performed only after the Seller receives the same shipment to its address. Refund will be performed in the same manner the payment but reduced for the cost of delivery. If the Customer has chosen to pay by cash, KLODIER will issue an invoice to the Customer’s address for the shipping cost.



User (Customer) must fill out the correct information required for delivery. Verification of order depends on the Customer upon delivery. Subsequent complaints will not be accepted.

Delivery from the Seller to the Customer is fulfilled by a delivery service chosen by KLODIER. Delivery is performed under the terms of use of the delivery service and is deemed complete at the moment when the Seller hands over the product to the delivery service, and delivery service to the Customer.

Delivery service delivers the product to the specified address within 1 - 4 working days from receiving the package, or from the moment that the Customer receives a confirmation that his/her package has been shipped, and the processing of shipment usually takes 1 (one) day unless otherwise stated.

Shipping times by delivery service;

  • GLS: available only for Europe: delivery within 1 to 4 business days
  • DHL EXPRESS: available for most of Europe: delivery within 1 to 2 business days. USA and rest of the world: delivery within 1 to 4 business days

KLODIER orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Orders received on Friday are handed over on the following Monday. Orders received over a weekend, Saturday and Sunday, are also handed over on the following Monday. Orders received during holidays will be handed over the next working day.

As every order is unique, shipping costs will vary depending on the size, weight, and destination of chosen items.

After the Seller hands over the product to the delivery service, the Customer will be sent the tracking number to his/her e-mail address to be able to check the delivery status. TheCustomer can check the status of the package on the delivery service website;  GLS and/or DHL. Unfortunately, KLODIER is not able to influence the speed of delivery and possible complications related to the delivery caused by the delivery service.


The Customer should keep in mind that the shipping times of the package should be used and look only as a guide based on the time from dispatch. KLODIER and delivery services cannot take responsibility for the delays caused by customs clearance, product inspection on import into countries outside the EU, etc., although KLODIER and the delivery service will try to minimize potential delays.

If the Customer orders an item from a designer that makes the product to order, the Customer must take into account the number of days marked for the product production plus the delivery time.

If the Product sent to the Customer is returned to the Seller because the delivery service was not successful in delivering the package due to incorrect address information, or the Customer failed to accept the product on the third attempt of delivery, the Customer will be notified via e-mail and/or will be offered the following option by a telephone call:

- For the ordered product, on Customer’s request by e-mail, to be redelivered to the Customer’s address, or recipient, with the confirmed and correct address, and that the cost of re-sending the package is borne by the Customer, except in the case that the wrong address is listed due to KLODIER error.

If the Customer is not available by e-mail or telephone and does not respond within 1 (one) day, the Seller has the right to keep the product without further delivery, while the Customer will be refunded the purchase cost minus the delivery cost.

KLODIER is not responsible for late delivery, damage occurring during delivery, or any other flaws and/or defects and/or delivery failures. The Customer is required to notify KLODIER, in the shortest time possible, in case it receives a damaged product, or if the product is not as described.


4.1 Duties and taxes

All taxes and customs charges (duties) are included in the final price of the Items for Customers from European Union countries. The Customer does not need to pay import duties but may have to pay local sales tax depending on the country's regulations.
Customers outside the European Union; the price of the item that the Customers pays to the Seller through KLODIER will not include import duties and taxes. The Customer will have to pay taxes and duties directly to KLODIER's delivery company to free the order from the customs. Since KLODIER and the delivery service cannot provide the exact amount of fees and taxes that the Customer will have to pay, the Customer should contact the local customs office or tax department before ordering the desired product.

4.2 Verification of Package at Delivery

At the time of package delivery, the Customer is required to verify the delivered product. It is necessary to check if there are any obvious damages to the package and/or on the product itself.

In case the product has outside damage, the Customer is required to immediately notify the delivery person (file a complaint), and refuse to accept the delivered product(s). The Customer is required to open the package in front of the delivery person and compare the delivered product(s) with the delivery note. If anything is missing, or the delivered product is not the one ordered, he/she immediately file a complaint with the delivery person.

4.3 Wrong Product Delivered

In case the Customer receives a product different from the one ordered, he/she has the right for a new delivery of the ordered product. If that is not possible, the Customer has the right to terminate the purchase agreement. The Customer will be refunded the amount paid in the form by which the payment was made, except if the chosen form of payment was COD (available only for Croatia), in which case the amount paid will be sent to the Customer’s bank account. Refund is done once the Seller has received the returned product(s). The Seller bears the cost of delivery.

4.4 Refusal of Product

If the Customer does not accept the product or refuses to accept the product without a valid reason, KLODIER reserves the right to demand reimbursement of costs of manipulation, transport, and other possible costs. When KLODIER delivers a product to the Customer through a delivery service, the Customer is required to sign for the product, by which he/she confirms that the product is properly delivered.

Additionally: Croatia delivery

Notice of the time frame of delivery of the package within Croatia is done within 3 (three) hours before the delivery, via SMS if there is a contact number or an email. The Customer is entitled to 2 (two) delivery attempts.

Delivery of packages to the islands is valid by the schedule below:

  • BRAČ: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • CRES: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • LOŠINJ: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • HVAR: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • KORČULA: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • KRK: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • MURTER: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • PAG: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • PELJEŠAC: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • RAB: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • UGLJAN-PAŠMAN: Monday, Thursday
  • VIS: Monday, Wednesday
  • VIR: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Additionally: International delivery



KLODIER allows Customers to purchase selected items in two ways:


a) One-time

  • Credit or debit cards: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and Premium Visa
  • Transfer order / Bank transfer / Internet Banking (available only for Croatia)
  • COD - Cash on delivery (available only for Croatia)
  • PayPal


b) By installments; credit cards ((interest-free) - available only for Croatia

  • Visa, Premium Visa - Up to 12 installments without interest (PBZ)
  • Maestro ® - Up to 12 installments without interest (PBZ)

5.1 Transfer order / Bank transfer / Internet banking

By choosing this form of payment, the Customer will be sent an offer to their e-mail address with all the information required for payment. Payment can be made using Internet banking, payment slip by bank, mail, etc.

5.2 Credit or debit cards

MasterCard, Maestro, VISA


In case of payment by credit and debit cards, payment preauthorization is done automatically. With preauthorization, funds on the card are reserved, and payment is done only once KLODIER confirms the transaction after the final verification of the availability of the ordered product by the Seller. KLODIER shall bear all costs of authorizing the credit/debit card of the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the data provided. Card payment services and their security are provided by CorvusPay, an advanced system for high security for card payment through the Internet. Find out more about Corvus under section 1. Online Payment Security Statement. KLODIER is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that Customers may suffer due to the temporary, partial, or complete inaccessibility of CorvusPay services.

Security when making online payments

The most advanced standards in data protection apply – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption and MD5 algorithm. ISO 8583 protocol ensures that the exchange of data between the payment systems and the card authorization centers is carried out on a private network that is protected by a double layer of firewalls from unauthorized access.

Security Softwares


Conversion statement

In the case of charging a credit or debit card for the Customers outside Croatia, as a result of the Customers local currency conversion into the currency of payment there are possible differences in the stated item prices on the KLODIER page and the charged amount.

5.3. COD - Cash on delivery

The Customer pays for ordered item in cash upon delivery. If more than one item is ordered and each from a different Seller COD has to be paid for every item separately upon delivery of each item. In the event that the Customer is not able to receive the package at the noted address, the courier leaves several options for redelivery, via email.

5.4. PayPal

PayPal is an online payment system. The Customer can make payments through PayPal if they have an existing PayPal account or can create a new one by directly entering credit or debit card information. When selecting this option at checkout, Customer will be directed to the PayPal site to 'Log In' and review the amount shown before clicking 'Pay Now'. Once this transaction is complete, Customer will return to KLODIER site. PayPal uses data encryption technology and anti-fraud, thus protecting sensitive customer information.

Conversion statement

When paying through PayPal platform, all payments from Croatia and outside Croatia will be made in EUR (euro) currency, and the shopping bag value will be converted from Customers local currency into EUR (euro). As a result of such conversion, there is a possibility of differences in the stated item prices on the KLODIER page and the charged amount. A credit card that is linked to Paypal account will be charged through the conversion of the prices in EUR (EUR) from Customers local currency according to the current competitive rate of the Customers local Central Bank.

Currency display statement

All prices on the website are quoted in kunas and euros. The user can choose to display the price in euros but must take into account only the informative value according to the CNB exchange rate.

An invoice that is issued by the Seller will be attached within the delivery box. If the Customer has ordered multiple items from the same Seller, the invoice will be attached in one of the boxes, even if the items are packaged separately (each in its own box). If the Customer has ordered multiple items from multiple Sellers, the invoice will be attached in each box from that Seller.



KLODIER strives to have all products described and photographed accurately. Product descriptions are based on the information provided by the Seller, and therefore KLODIER cannot guarantee that all details are accurate, complete, and without error.

Photographs of the products on the website are for illustrative purposes only, and therefore KLODIER cannot guarantee that images on the screen of the User are the true color of the product. With this, KLODIER excludes liability in case of difference between the product shown on the photograph and the delivered product.

Ordered product that does not reflect the description, has an error, or is of lower quality, the Customer can return directly to the Seller, while KLODIER, in agreement with the Seller, will secure a new product, add a discount, repair that product (where possible), or provide a complete refund.

Customized products/items 

Due to the nature of customized products/items, manufacturing lead times may vary as it is created specifically for Customer. Note: due to the nature of the customized items, and the fact that they have been specially created for Customer, Seller will not be able to accept the return in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.



The Customer has the right, without reason, to unilaterally terminate the purchase agreement in the legal term of 14 (fourteen) days from the day the product was delivered to the Customer. If the Customer has ordered multiple products from multiple Sellers during one purchase that need to be delivered separately, or in more than one parcel, a deadline for termination of purchase agreement starts on the day the Customer is delivered the last product or the last parcel.


IMPORTANT! Returned products must comply with KLODIER’s product return policy. Every product must be returned unworn, undamaged, and unused, with all the markings, additions, accompanying parts, and documentation, and in original packaging. Socks, underwear, and swimsuits must be tried on over own underwear with attached hygienic parts. Any returns that do not meet the mentioned conditions cannot be accepted.


If KLODIER does not inform the Customer about these conditions, the right of the Customer to unilaterally terminate the contract expires within 12 months from the expiration of the termination period. The period of 12 months begins to run out after the 14-day deadline which is provided for regular termination in the event of a proper notification. If the notification of the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement within the 12 month period, the right of unilateral termination ends 14 days after the Customer receives the notification. The Customer is required before the end of the notification period for unilateral termination to inform KLODIER, and KLODIER the Seller, about his/her decision to terminate the purchase agreement using the Form for Unilateral Termination of Agreement, which can be filled out electronically and sent by e-mail to In that case, KLODIER is required, without delay, to provide the Customer with a confirmation of the termination of purchase agreement notice in electronic form.

In the case of termination of a purchase agreement, each party is required to return to the other what was received under the agreement.

Once the Seller receives and accepts the returned product, the Customer will receive a refund in a manner in which the payment was made, except in the case of cash payment, where the funds will be returned to the buyer’s bank account less the shipping cost. The Customer must return the product to the Seller, at own expense, to the Seller’s address provided in agreement with KLODIER.

The Customer must prove that they have the right to unilateral termination of the purchase agreement in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

The right to termination of the purchase agreement does not exist in cases when:

  • the Seller has fully fulfilled the service contract and the fulfillment has begun with the explicit prior consent of the Customer and with his confirmation that he is aware of the fact that he will lose the right to unilaterally terminate the contract in this case that the service is fully met;
  • the subject of the contract are goods that were made according to the Consumer’s specification, or was obviously tailor-made for the Consumer;
  • the subject of the contract is sealed goods that, because of health or sanitary reasons, are not suitable for return if they have been unsealed upon delivery;
  • the subject of the contract are goods that are, due to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;
  • the Consumer specifically asked to visit the Seller at his premises with the purpose to perform urgent repairs or maintenance, with the proviso that if, during such a visit, together with the services that were explicitly asked for by the Consumer, the Seller performed some other services, or delivered some other goods together with the ones that are necessary to perform urgent repairs or maintenance, the Consumer has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement regarding those additional services or goods.



The Seller is responsible for material defects of the product which he/she sells through in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia, especially the Civil Obligations Act. Deadlines for notice of defective material: with visible defects, the Customer is required to inform KLODIER, and KLODIER the Seller, about existing visible material defects within 2 (two) months from the day the defect was discovered, and no later than 2 (two) years from the transfer of the risk to the Customer; with hidden defects, the Customer is required, under the threat of loss of rights, to inform KLODIER, and KLODIER the Seller, within 2 (two) months beginning from the day the defect was discovered. The Customer that has notified KLODIER in an appropriate time, and KLODIER the Seller, about defects can have one of the following rights:

  • Request the Seller to remove the defect,
  • Request a price reduction, or
  • Terminate the purchase agreement.

Ordered products are packaged in a way that through a regular transport/delivery will not be damaged. KLODIER is not responsible for any delays in delivery, damage incurred during delivery, or any other flaws and/or defects and/or delivery failures. The Customer is required to inform KLODIER in the least amount of time possible if the product is received damaged, or if the product is not as described. More details about delivery can be found under point 4 of these Terms and Conditions. The Customer must verify the received package and compare it to the invoice. In case anything is missing, the Customer is required to send a written complaint within 8 (eight) days by e-mail to with subject line Complaint because any subsequent complaint will not be accepted.

The Customer can send any objection/complaint using: Form for Objection/Complaint and sending the filled out form by e-mail to The complaint will be considered valid if after reviewing the product, and if needed additional review by an expert, it is deemed that it complies with the Civil Obligations Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

KLODIER is required to within 15 (fifteen) days answer the objection, or the Customer’s complaint, in written form. If it is found that the complaint is not valid and the Customer’s objection is rejected, the Customer that has filed the complaint will bear the cost of re-delivery of the purchased product to the Customer’s address.

If it is found that the complaint is valid, KLODIER and the Seller are obligated to the Customer to exchange the product for the same without defects or refund the full paid amount for which the product was purchased.


The Online Dispute Resolution website is an official site managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping Consumers and Merchants settle their disputes out of court. If a Customer encounters a problem during an online purchase within the EU (defective product, inability to substitute products, etc.), your complaint can be filed here in a quicker and simpler way.



The agreement concluded by the Customer with the Seller is a one-time purchase agreement for a product that is consumed on the delivery and paid by the Customer in the event that it is not terminated. These General Terms are an integral part of the agreement.


In Zagreb, on the 02. of Jan 2020.


Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Data


These rules determine and regulate how KLODIER uses and protects all information which the Customers submit when they use the website KLODIER is committed to protecting the privacy of the Customers, or Users, personal data.

KLODIER d.o.o., Rapska 46a, Zagreb, OIB: 00612378518, is a company that provides information services through the website For the purpose of its business, KLODIER collects and processes personal data of the Customers and other Users interested in KLODIER services and KLODIER’s Partners (boutiques and designers), while respecting all relevant laws and regulations.

This Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Data relates to the privacy of personal data which are collected during the User’s registration process on the website, that is during the User’s registration process, i.e. the recipient of the KLODIER’s Partners (boutiques and designers) (in further text referred to as Partners) products and news of the website These rules regarding privacy and use of personal data are the main component of General Terms and Conditions of purchase of the website KLODIER d.o.o. as a service provider through the website adheres to the applicable regulations with a goal of protecting the privacy of its Customers, or Users, and especially GDPR of the EU. This document describes how the data controller KLODIER d.o.o., Rapska 46a, 10000 Zagreb (in the further text referred to as KLODIER) processes personal data.

Customers on the website, and Users or the recipients of the KLODIER Partner’s product information, are urged to read all the information on this page in order to understand which data KLODIER collects and processes, for what purpose, based on which legal basis, with whom and what is shared, which protective measures are being implemented, and what are the Customer’s, that is the User’s, rights to access to personal data, their correction or deletion, and rights to objection. 

Every Customer, or User, that has any questions regarding personal data can send an e-mail to

Accepting this Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Data, more specifically checking the box by clicking the “Confirm Registration” button or "I accept this Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookie Policy", the Customer confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agrees with the processing of personal data in the manner that this document describes. While the User, or the recipient of the KLODIER’s Partner’s product information by registering for KLODIER’s list on the website by entering an e-mail address, choosing a gender, and clicking the “Send” button, and by entering an e-mail address and clicking the “Notify Me” button, confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agrees with the processing of personal data in the manner that this document describes.


  • What type of personal data does KLODIER collect and process through the website

During registration of a person as a Customer who uses the website, KLODIER will ask to provide certain information (personal data) such as first name, last name, password, and e-mail address. Once the person registers as a User, he/she can access the profile and fill in further details, including postal code, city, country, and a telephone number. If the person registering is a company, KLODIER will also collect the company identification number, a name of the company, and location.

During a purchase, KLODIER will request from the Customer to enter an e-mail address in a pre-specified field. If the Customer chooses to continue as a guest by clicking the “Continue as Guest” button, KLODIER will request personal data, such as first name, last name, address, city, postal code, and telephone number. The Customer agrees to the processing of personal data by clicking the “Continue as Guest” button.

During User registration for the KLODIER list as a recipient of news about KLODIER Partner’s products and news about website, KLODIER will request from the future User to enter information (personal data): gender and e-mail address.

Providing personal data is a decision made by the Customer or the User. If the Customer, or the User, does not provide the required information for a specific activity that requires it, he/she will not be allowed to engage in that activity because without that information the activity will not be technically feasible. The User can invite and share with his/her friends the products to be bought on KLODIER’s website, including through e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. Even if KLODIER will send a notification that it has received from the User his/her data which are required for the activity to be carried out, the User is obligated to request permission from his/her friends before sharing the information with KLODIER, and that the persons which the User knows to give permission to receive e-mails.

By logging in or linking an account to through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or sharing of content on social media, the User gives KLODIER permission to receive certain information and content from his/her accounts. A certain type of information that KLODIER can receive depends on the settings for that account or website and will be subject to their privacy policy.

KLODIER can collect information about the User (e-mail) if the User fills out the online form for KLODIER to inform him/her if a product becomes available again, which the User grants by clicking the “Notify Me” button. 

KLODIER can collect information if the User participates in communication with KLODIER through e-mail, telephone, messenger, social media, or any other way for which the User has given permission by contacting KLODIER.

In addition to personal data, KLODIER can request from the User other data which cannot be identified and are therefore not considered personal data (such as data about website usage, computer, Internet Service Provider, preferences, hobbies, interests, and activities) that enables KLODIER to provide better, more accurate and personalized selection of data for the User, further site development, and customizing its content to Users. On the basis of that data, KLODIER finds information about which content is the most popular among which Users.


  • For what reason does KLODIER collect data and on what legal basis?

For a person to register as a User and manage an account on the website, KLODIER must collect the above-mentioned data. The legal basis on which KLODIER collects the mentioned data is to execute the agreement with the Customer.

For KLODIER to be able to complete orders which the Customer initiates through the website, KLODIER must collect the following information: first name, last name, address, city, postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, order details (product code, product name, product size, and product price), and payment form. By entering personal data and then by confirming the acceptance of General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Data, the Customer enters into a contractual relationship that is the basis for the purchase of products and services chosen by the Customer on the website, and which is described in the General Terms and Conditions. Processing of personal data is lawful because all the necessary precautions are taken at the Customer’s request for the realization of the purchase of the product. The legal basis is the execution of the purchase agreement with the Customer.

For KLODIER to be able to provide Customer service support, help in resolving any type of problem, questions, and requests related to using KLODIER services and website, KLODIER collects first name, last name, e-mail address, and telephone number that the Customer has provided to KLODIER for communication. Customer’s data is deleted as soon as Customer service support has been completed. The legal basis is performing the purchase agreement with the Customer and KLODIER’s legitimate interests in keeping the User as a Customer, and legitimate interest in conducting KLODIER business.

For administration, maintenance, and optimization of the website, KLODIER also collects information about the device (such as IP address of the device and the type of device), cookie identifiers, and browsing information. The legal basis is a legitimate interest in conducting the KLODIER business.

KLODIER collects and processes Customer’s personal data for the purpose of authenticating the identity of the Customer that uses the website, realization of the purchase agreement about buying products and services, delivery of products to the Customer, communication with the Customer, possible legal procedures related to the realization of the purchase agreement, and partially automating data processing to continuously improve KLODIER processes in the interest of the Customers, in order to make the Customer’s offering more individualized and to make its product and service offers more tailored to the Customer’s habits and needs.

KLODIER collects and processes personal data of the User that is a recipient of the product and news release for the purpose of sending news by e-mail that the User has previously registered, possible legal procedures related to the realization of the purchase agreement, with the aim of individualizing notifications, market research, and improving the efficiency and quality of services. The User that is registering for receiving the product and news release by entering his/her details on the KLODIER list on the website, and double confirmation of a correct e-mail address, give permission for processing of his/her personal data. The User can withdraw permission at any moment by sending an e-mail notification to the manager of personal data protection at, or by unregistering from the KLODIER list which can be found in the sent e-mail.

KLODIER does not collect children’s data. If for any reason or act such data is transferred to KLODIER without a parent or legal guardian permission for children under the age of 16, KLODIER will remove them without delay. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to access the website No part of the website is designed in a way to attract anyone younger than 16 years of age.


  • With which third parties does KLODIER share personal data?

KLODIER will when so required by the realization of the purchase agreement or Customer’s order share the Customer’s personal data with service providers exclusively for business purposes, and all for the purpose of KLODIER services functioning properly. KLODIER carefully selects third parties and allows those companies to use the Customer’s, or the User’s, personal data only for the purpose of providing services and products. KLODIER will not share Customer’s, or User’s, personal data with third parties in cases stated below and in cases where regulations so require:

1. With Partners (boutiques and designers) from which the Customer is purchasing products (click here to view a list of Partners) and with accounting services only to the extent necessary for the realization of the purchase agreement.

2. Service providers for distribution of products with which KLODIER has a signed contract (General Logistics Systems Croatia d.o.o. and DHL International d.o.o.) and for the purpose of fulfilling the order, delivery of packages, sending by postal mail, e-mail, SMS messages, and telephone calls. Service providers for distribution of products can request from the Customer an identification card at the moment of package delivery, during personal acceptance of goods, and all for the purpose of realization of delivery of packages and records of the person receiving the package. If the Customer refuses to provide the required identification, the package will not be delivered.

3. Service providers for processing and charging credit and/or debit cards. At the moment of purchase on the website, as a condition of payment of products and services using credit or debit cards, KLODIER requests from the Customer to activate the payment process through the company Corvus INFO d.o.o. Zagreb, Buzinski prilaz 10, service provider for processing and charging (credit or debit) cards, contracted partner KLODIER and processor of personal data. In that case, Customer’s personal data (Customer’s first name, last name, address, e-mail address, data from Customer’s card) are temporarily saved at Corvus INFO d.o.o. Zagreb, Buzinski prilaz 10, which stores this data in accordance with PCI DSS certification, the highest level of protection and retention of confidential information. The Customer activates the process of processing and billing of the card by clicking the “Pay” button. At no time does KLODIER have, collect, or process the personal data entered for the purpose of processing and billing cards. Customers are advised to inform themselves in regards to the processing of personal data by Corvus INFO d.o.o. on the website where the payment process takes place. Personal data stored at Corvus INFO d.o.o. is deleted immediately after the process for processing and billing is completed. 

4. Web analytics service provided by Google Analytics, and search engines such as Google, with headquarters in Ireland, for improvement and optimization of the website.

5. Marketing automation service Mailchimp (company: The Rocket Science Group, LLC 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Suite 5000 Atlanta, GA 30308 USA, for sending product notices and other news related to the website

6. With SendGrid ( to send you e-mails about the order status. It is a cloud-based e-mail service for reliable e-mail delivery. It is certified according to GDPR.

7. With Marker d.o.o. for maintenance, removal of technical problems and upgrading of the MARKER CMS system on the Internet site MARKER d.o.o., Braće Radića 52d - Jalkovec, 42000 Varaždin.


  • The period in which the personal data will be stored

KLODIER stores the personal information of registered Customers or Users of the Internet site for the period until the purpose of processing is reached, which is the period until the active registration of the User or the Customer. The personal data collected when purchasing is stored until the time RESPONSIBILITY FOR MATERIAL DEFECT / PRODUCT COMPLAINT period expires. KLODIER stores the personal data of the KLODIER Users, ie. the recipients of KLODIER's Partner Products news updates and news for the period until the purpose of processing expires, which is the period up to the time when the active application is made.


  • Access and correction of personal data

At any time, the Customer or User have access to their personal data by registering on KLODIER and accessing the "Profile" can at any time revise their personal information. Customer or User may request and obtain from KLODIER complete information on the personal data stored and correction of the same by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer:


  • Deleting Personal Data (Right to Forget)

Customer or User has the right at any time to request the deletion of personal data (right to forget). The Customer can do so by e-mail to the Personal Data Protection Officer at and the data will be deleted within 30 (thirty) days. Purchase information via KLODIER remains stored in the account for the purchase in accordance with other Legal Obligations. The User has the possibility to submit a request to delete any notification received by KLODIER via e-mail or may send an e-mail to the e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer stating that his personal information should be deleted.


  • Right to make a complaint

If despite all the measures taken to protect the personal data, the Customer or User considers that he/she has the grounds for the complaint, he/she must send an e-mail to the Personal Data Protection Officer at Likewise, Customer or User has the right to report to the Supervisory Authority to the Personal Data Protection Agency,


  • Privacy Statement and Personal Data Protection Safeguards

KLODIER guarantees the security and secrecy of all Customers or Users information. The data must be complete and credible where requested and required. KLODIER undertakes to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data of all Customers or Users, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. KLODIER regularly gives Customers or Users the option of changing their data, including the option of deciding whether or not to remove their name from the lists used for marketing and promotional activities. KLODIER warrants that the personal data of Customers or Users will never be given to the third party without the prior explicit consent. This is excluded from the authorized services of the executive state authority of the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of investigative actions based on a valid court order or for the fulfillment of the contractual obligations. All KLODIER employees and business partners are responsible for compliance with the Privacy Policy.

The collected data are in electronic form and are protected by an SSL certificate that encrypts the data and thus ensures that the communication between the Customer and the Customer's computer and the site takes place with a secure protocol. Unfortunately, no data transfer over the Internet, or any wireless network, can be 100% secure. As a result, although KLODIER makes reasonable safeguards for data protection, it can not guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to or from the website and is not responsible for the actions of any third party receiving such information. KLODIER may decide to store personal data with EU service providers and only if necessary outside the EU. This will only be done if there is a European Commission decision on adequacy for the country, and if a contractual guarantee and compliance with the binding regulations on personal data protection have been agreed.


  • Online payment security statement

While conducting payments on our KLODIER platform you are using CorvusPay – an advanced system for secure acceptance of credit/debit cards on the Internet. CorvusPay ensures complete privacy of your credit card data from the moment you type them into the CorvusPay payment form. Data required for billing is forwarded encrypted from your web browser to the bank that issued your payment card.

Our store never comes into contact with your sensitive payment card data. Similarly, CorvusPay operators cannot access your complete cardholder data. An isolated system core independently transmits and manages sensitive data while at the same time keeping it completely safe.
The form for entering payment data is secured by an SSL transmission cipher of the greatest reliability. All stored data is additionally protected by hi-grade encryption, using hardware devices certified by FIPS 140 2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPay fulfills all of the requirements for safe online payment prescribed by the leading credit card brands, operating in compliance to the PCI DSS Level 1 standard-the highest security standard of the payment card industry. Payments made by cards enrolled with the 3-D Secure program are further authenticated by the issuing bank, confirming your identity through the use of a token or a password.
All information collected by Corvus Info is considered a banking secret and treated accordingly. The information is used exclusively for the purposes for which they were intended. Your sensitive data is fully secure and its privacy is guaranteed by the state of the art safeguard mechanisms. We collect only the data necessary for performing the work in accordance with the demanding prescribed procedures for online payment.
Security controls and operating procedures applied within the CorvusPay infrastructure not only ensure current reliability of CorvusPay but permanently maintain and enhance the security levels of protecting your credit card information by maintaining strict access controls, regular security and in-depth system checks for preventing network vulnerabilities.



Cookies policy

In order for the site to work properly and to improve your browsing experience, it is necessary to save the minimum amount of information (cookies) on your computer. More than 90% of websites use cookie practices and are required by the EU rules to request user consent. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies, whose blocking allows you to view the page, but some of its features will not work.

What is a cookie?

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Does this website use cookies?

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